About me

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Over the last ten years I've been down the front of countless gigs and festivals with a camera in front of my eye, capturing everything from pub gigs to arena shows. My work has featured in DIY Magazine, Upset, The 405, 7BitArcade, Paper Champion and The Daily Express among others, and I've worked as house photographer at festivals including ArcTanGent. I pride myself on a quick turn around for edited photos and the ability to work in any situation I'm thrown into, from well lit clubs to dark and atmospheric churches.

My background in photography started while at University; I was going to a lot of gigs and found myself thinking it was odd that there was no real record of the gigs I was going to. There was amazing music being performed but the bands I tended to enjoy didn't tend to be photographed. I started out with a Fuji bridge camera and taught myself the basics, as well as the occasional person at shows giving me tips. I eventually moved onto an Olympus 4/3 camera, before moving onto Canon, at first armed with just a 50mm f1.8, still the best value lens for gig photography, and gradually moving up to where I am now, using Canon 5D MkIV and a Canon 6D as well as 16-35mm f2.8, 24-70mm f2.8, 70-200mm f2.8 and 50mm f1.4 lenses. In that time I wrote and shot for The Rabbit, at the University of Essex, as well as writing for, and then editing, 7BitArcade for a while, which led to me shooting festivals including Glastonbury for three years running. As well as live music photography I also have experience shooting events and weddings. I'm relatively new to these fields and am flexible with my rates.
09 - Run The Jewels - Glastonbury
I've previously worked with mwtmc to help film videos for Vennart and Future Of The Left, both of which saw DVD releases in the last two years

I'm able to film independently, with a three camera setup and the ability to capture up to 18 channels of audio (with isolated splitters to capture audio independently of the mixing desk at a gig), as well as with a team of additional videographers for multi-camera, multi-track, live videos. The video opposite was of a recent Dingus Khan gig, with additional videography from Tommy Styles, Jacob Hill and Tom Fiely, as well as additional assistance editing from Tommy Styles.
I've filmed and edited live sessions (alongside other talented videographers and audio engineers) with a wide selection of bands over the last ten years. I've produced sessions with Dingus Khan, Owls, Arcane Root, Human Pyramids, among others.