Award winning Photographer and Videographer

Specialising in music photography and videography and with experience shooting theatre, events, sport and weddings, Jonathan Dadds has been capturing live music for over fifteen years, having taken pictures of over two thousand bands everywhere from the smallest DIY venue to Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage.

Jonathan is based in Colchester but is happy to travel, mostly covering London but also shooting gigs and festivals across the UK, Europe and, occasionally, the States.


Jonathan has worked with ArcTanGent Festival, Colchester Fringe Festival, DIY Magazine, Gigwise, Independent Venue Week, Three Wise Monkeys and more.

He has worked with numerous bands to produce galleries and videos, including Dingus Khan, Rad Pitt, The Meffs, Pet Needs, Wilswood Buoys and Fraser Morgan, to name just a few.

He has also worked as part of a team to film videos for Mclusky, Vennart, Future of the Left and Johnny Foreigner, some of which have had physical releases.

Video Production

Jonathan has produced music videos for the likes of The Meffs, Pet Needs, Rad Pitt and Animal Noise . He works closely with bands through all steps of the process to help bring their vision to life.

He also produces live and session videos, with the ability to film with multiple angles, record multiple channels of audio and complete all post-production including mixing, editing and grading.

He is currently able to film up to six angles using a pair of Canon DSLRs, a Canon Mirrorless, a Go Pro and two Sony compact cameras. He can also record on location with thirty-two channels of mic inputs on Mackie interfaces (including sixteen with isolated splitters) and additional microphones from Shure, Audix, AKG, Rode, Aston, Audio Technica and Sontronics. Mixing and editing is done using equipment and plugins from Universal Audio and Focal.


Jonathan is available for one-off gigs, in-house festival roles, editorial shoots and touring.

With extensive experience in post-production he can turn around photos at a fast pace to suit your needs. At festivals, he is able to create photographic content for social media in near real time, editing select shots on the go during the performance and quickly editing full sets the same day.